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"The Dizz Wizz Series LLC: a place where motivation children's publications and professional development intertwine! The series offers publications for both children and older audiences, professional development, diversity and restorative practice training, as well as team building for educators!"

The Dizz Wizz Series LLC continues to be a viable resource for educators, students, and parents alike!  

In addition to the publications and professional development, The Dizz Wizz Series LLC also offers Social Emotional Learning workbooks that have think-sheets for students and parents, dinner table question games, and MUCH MORE!

Book your literacy night, read aloud, team building activity, or professional development using the contact us page or emailing:

Discover Amazing Books

Reading books plays an important role to a child’s development. This educational activity lets them explore and achieve skills that they can use in a real-life setting. The Dizz Wizz Series provides a series of books that tackles a wide range of topics. What makes us unique is our experience and passion for education. Browse our site for more details.


For more information about our published books,

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